10 Ways Working Parents Can Spend More Time with Their Kids


We live in a modern society where both parents can contribute to their family’s finances equally without conventional expectations for the woman to stay home and care for the children.

However, a family with two working parents will need to develop an approach so they can spend quality time with their children. Below are ten ideas on what you can do to spend more time with your kids.

Hire Professionals for Selected Services

Any time saved doing chores can be directed to spending time with your children. You do

not have to do everything yourself.

Outsource some tasks to professionals such as Houseproud Cleaning now and then. You can also hire some seasonal help for snow shovelling and landscaping.

Commit to Family Time

Set a regular day and time for family time every week. It does not have to be a full day out either. You can dedicate some time for your entire family to eat together at the dining table.

Involve everyone for the meal. Someone can set the table, another can cook or order takeout, and someone else would oversee cleaning or filling up water in the glasses. This would make it feel more like a team activity.

Have Playtime with Your Children

Find some ways to have fun with your kids even if you do not have much time to play with them in your busy schedule.

A little bit of fun while bathing your kids in the bathtub or just a little sing-along while you are driving them to school can create beautiful memories for your children so that they continue to feel connected to you.

Keep Technology Away

When it comes to family time, keep your phone and laptop away. Switch off the devices so that you will not keep thinking of the pending emails and work while you are trying to focus on your children.

You can check on your work messages and phone calls after your family time.

Do not Bring Work Home

Work can be stressful but try to keep the work matters away the moment you step back into your home.

You can always rant to your partner about your terrible day at work after the children have gone to sleep, but let your children see that you are happy to be back to see them first.

After all, your mood can affect theirs if your sad face is the first thing they see when you are home.

Create Daily Routines

Create a routine that your children can expect to be carried out daily. It can be a morning routine before you must leave for work, or a bedtime routine before your children go to sleep.

Do not overcomplicate it. It can be something as simple as having your children choose a story to read with you at bedtime.

Acknowledge Positive Behaviour

Show your children that you notice their achievements and positive behaviour even if you

have been out working the entire day.

As an example, if your children have thrown out the trash as you asked them to, thank them for helping. If you notice your children cleaning up after themselves, praise them for their behaviour as well.

Talk & Listen Actively

Just like everyone else, your children will feel cared for when you pay attention to them. Let your children feel seen and heard.

Take the time to ask them how their day was at school. Talk about their new friends, their schoolwork, their hobbies, and anything else that is important to them.

Listen to your children actively when they are talking rather than trying to interrupt them to talk about yourself instead.

Remind Your Children You Love Them

Normalize telling your children that you love them and show them that you do. You can do simple things such as hugging them before you leave for work and telling them you love them. Show your affection for them in between busy periods of your day.

Stick to Promises You Made

If you have promised your children that you are going to bring them somewhere for their school holidays, make time for it.

Take a day off from work and follow through with your promises to your kids. This will build trust with your children, and they are more likely to confide in you as they grow up.

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