A Small Drug Test Kit Can Bring out a Big Offender


In an era of scientific simplicity, it is no wonder what great things are achieved by simple applications. This effect is visible in all fields of life, including forensic detection. In fact, the advances of modern science have made the latest medical accessories available to the general public as well. Take the issue of drug addiction for instance. It is largely a social menace, infiltrating the strata of life from bottom to the top. Relative to the desire for addiction, there is not the much basic difference between a roadside tramp and a high profile company executive. Now, while you are at the HR manager of an office, the tramp’s fate may not be your concern. However, you would have to make sure that your office floor does not carry this trash in a secret manner.

Clean process

The only way to ascertain the cleanliness for sure is to run mandatory drug testing procedures on suspected employees. You would be doing a great favor to the society in fact because anonymous drug use is at the root of many social evils such as homicides, sexual offenses, fraud, unjust torture, organ harvesting, and any other kind of crime really. These days, one can conveniently source potent drug test kits from an online service. These high profile medical accessories typically consist of a special disposable cup to collect a urine sample from the suspect. Next, you instruct the person to dip a testing strip in it. This strip is finally used at a color index to demarcate the traces of a given chemical in the sample. All the instructions are available with the package.

Be very careful

A buyer can always take the advantage of obtaining professional customer support instructions. In fact, an executive would also be present in person to make all the arrangements. The setup is typically made at the washroom premises and after the results are noted, the cups are disposed of in a sealed manner. Apart from posing a major hygiene issue, such kind of a procedure also has critical ethical and moral obligations. For instance, an aged HR manager cannot ask a young boy or girl at the office to provide the urine sample. Such kind of an interaction can irretrievably ruin the reputation of the person, and also affect the morale of staff members.

Pick up the rotten apples

In fact, you may even lose your best employees if you were not careful in following a standard process. Start with running a close eye on your staff members to identify who among them can be a potential drug addict. Get help from an expert addiction counselor who is aware of all the tell tale signs of identifying a hardcore brown sugar abuser or others in the same category. These signs include a visible display of masked behavior, extreme humility, irrelevant smiling, acute restlessness, and carrying paraphernalia such as aluminum foils or blowpipes.

Never make the mistake of thinking that only beggars get hooked on things like heroin and brown sugar. The world of addiction is very complex, and it should not be surprising to find the middle-aged bulky guy who just joined the job is actually looking for trouble with the money you pay him! Do you know that very recently the US senate introduced a bill to make drug tests mandatory for all politicians? The drug test kit should bring out the truth.

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