Complete Buying Guide of Baby Humidifier


What do I have to know to choose my humidifier? Advantages and disadvantages of humidifiers with water filter and ultrasound.

Do you have doubts about the right humidifier for you? In this post you will find everything you need to know. You need to read Top Humidifier review before buying it.

Humidification by water filter

Devices such as Humidifier 101 from Clean Air Optima, use water filtering technology to moisten and improve air quality.

The humidification of air and the purification of air by means of the water filter is an excellent way to naturally get rid of the dust in the air. It helps with the irritating cough and the dryness in the skin, mucous membranes and eyes.

The carbon filter is responsible for getting rid of odors, especially cigarette smoke, also retains particles and hairs. With this type of product you will convert your home, office, restaurant or workshop into a naturally healthy environment to rest and work in very little time.

The humidification of the air humidifier by water filter takes place simultaneously with its cleaning. The fan draws dry air from the environment by passing them through wet discs. The air is propelled in a water bath and naturally moistened. There is no fog or steam. The air does not heat up or cool down. The humidification discs do not need to be maintained or changed, just replace the water in the tank regularly.

Operation of a humidifier with a water filter?

Phase 1. The fan enters the air through the inlet where the carbon filter removes odors and larger dust particles. This filter is recommended to be cleaned with a vacuum at least once a month.

Phase 2. The air passes through the main filter unit (hydraulic wheels) where the dirt that passes through the filter is removed and the air in turn moistens the air, the filter is constantly washed in the water tank with a nanoplata antibacterial filter: its function is to disinfect the water.

Phase 3. The clean, moist air returns to the room. No vapor or fog is formed.

Ultrasonic humidification

Ultrasonic humidifiers use ultrasound technology to break down water molecules and generate a mist that increases the humidity of the room.

Some models, like the one mentioned, add the possibility of heating the tank water so that the fog is hot and disinfect the water, as well as improving the temperature of the room.

Among the main advantages of this type of humidifier, is its low consumption and low noise, perfect for use at night.

Operating an ultrasonic humidifier?

  1. Ultrasounds break water molecules and turn them into vapor,
  2. This causes a thin layer of damp mist in the environment,
  3. And it increases the water vapor present in the atmosphere of the room, avoiding dry air.

The silent operation is so pleasant that even small children fall asleep without being disturbed. The sleep timer and remote control increase comfort during use. The touch screen has a soft blue backlight.

Ultrasonic humidifiers with aromatherapy.

There is a range of humidifiers in addition to moisturizing the environment, perfumes it slightly: the device sprays oil with essences and water in the form of microscopic droplets. The aroma is very discreet and pleasantly overlaps the odor of minerals in the water (for example, calcium).

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