Top ten Baby Nursery Must-Haves


A nursery planning project might be extremely difficult. It might be challenging to decide which baby products are actually worth purchasing when there are so many options such as personalised blankets available. Although some of the personalised gift sets you purchase will depend on your own preferences, every new parent can benefit from a few nursery design essentials. These necessities will get you going and motivate you to add the extras that are ideal for you and your parenting approach.

What You Need for a Baby Nursery:

1. Basin or crib

Baby’s bed is one of the most crucial items in the nursery. Whether you select a fancy crib or a straightforward cot, your child’s resting area will probably be the center of attention in the nursery. Whatever your budget and design preferences, be sure the crib or bassinet is solid and constructed from high-quality materials.

2. Beddings

Baby bedding can be a delightful addition to the decorating process in addition to being a need for your child’s comfort. There are many different types of bedding available, including crib skirts, bumper pads, pillows, and blankets. You may still utilize a baby quilt as part of the nursery decor even if you decide to use a sleep sack to keep the baby warm at night.

3. Changing Desk

A strong changing table is a nursery must because your kid will use thousands of soiled diapers in his or her first year. Although you will get good at changing these diapers quickly, a changing table with shelves or drawers might help you feel more organized in the middle of the new-baby craziness. Put swaddling blankets and diapers in the changing table drawers, leaving the upper shelf free for other essentials like wipes and creams. Additionally, most changing tables have a soft, curved pad that stops the infant from moving in either direction, making diaper changes much simpler.

4. Storage Containers

Large baskets that are set up on the floor next to a baby’s cot can be used for more than simply aesthetic reasons to store extra blankets, burp rags, and even toys. Put things where you’ll need them most: place toys close to the baby’s crib, burp cloths near the rocking chair, and blankets by the crib.

5. Dresser

An orderly dresser is a crucial component of nursery furniture because babies frequently go through multiple changes of clothing per day. Dressers for babies should include at least three drawers and spaces for bibs, socks, and other small items.

6. Mobile

Because they aid in lulling newborns to sleep and providing them with entertainment when they awake, mobiles have long been a need in baby nurseries. While many mobiles on the market may be bought independently and have a variety of functionalities, some crib bedding sets come with matching mobiles. Some mobiles have lights, mirrors, and soothing nature sounds, but the majority have a music feature and moving figurines.

7. Swiveling Chair

Rocking chairs are a given when discussing nursery necessities. An upholstered or padded glider can be a more comfortable choice, while a traditional wooden rocking chair might offer a nostalgic touch to your nursery. Both chairs and gliders can rock babies to sleep, which makes them particularly useful for parents in the evening. Additionally, these chairs provide a quiet area for nursing or using a bottle.

8. Clothing bag

Your kid will probably go through many outfits, from spitting up to soiled diapers and dribbled baby food that misses the bib. You will find clothes hamper to be a newborn nursery necessity given the amount of clothing your child will need. Many bedding sets come with complementary hamper designs, and a broad variety of materials and styles are available for hampers.

9. Swaddling and receiving blankets

Receiving blankets, which are made of lightweight but enduring materials like cotton, flannel, or muslin, are useful for a variety of things when you have a new baby. These newborn necessities are sized with swaddling in mind, so having a change table drawer full of them is vital. Every time you change your baby’s diaper, you may give her a clean, comfortable wrap. They are also useful when you need a short-term nursing cover, burp cloth, or changing mat away from the nursery.


Baby blankets are not advised for newborns and infants by experts since any loose objects in the cot increase the danger of asphyxia or other accidents. However, older infants sleep more securely with cozy covers since they move less in the crib. Your child will have the best night’s sleep and a cuddly bedtime companion if the bedding is made of high-quality cotton. Additionally, baby blankets aren’t simply for use in bed. When mama and the baby are curled up in the rocking chair under a soft blanket, storytime is that much more enjoyable for everyone.

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