Understanding What’s Most Important When Choosing A Child Care Centre


You have decided to send your little one to a child care centre, but how do you choose which centre is right for your family? First things first, before you start your search for a Leichhardt child care centre or anywhere else, you need to determine your needs. A high-quality child care centre is crucial to your child’s development. So, you want a centre that will keep the children as the focus of every decision they make.

1. Childcare Expectations

The centre you choose will depend on the type of care you are looking for. What needs does your family have, and which centre can meet those needs? While some people prefer the services of an au pair or a nanny, others want the social aspect of a child care centre. It’s important that the centre is close enough to your home or work to make it convenient and that they can match the hours and days you require. Of course, the employees should be experienced and qualified.

2. The Philosophy

Ask the centre what their philosophy is. Their answer will help you determine whether they will care for and nurture your child the way you want them to. Your child care centre needs to fit every need, not just your hours and location. Do they take extra steps to ensure children feel safe and secure while expanding their knowledge? If it isn’t a match for your child care philosophy, then it isn’t a match for your child.

3. Mode of Communication

Parents have never been busier, and it’s worth finding out how the centre plans to communicate with you. The best way to ensure your child settles into child care is for you to feel confident in their care. Having an open line of communication with the care centre is fundamental. You’re looking for face-to-face contact, but you also need to know whether they send information home with the child, offer emails or phone calls.

When you walk into the centre you want to see the employees. They should greet you, you should see them interacting with children, and you want to see children happy at play. If all of these click into place, then you know they’re doing something right.

4. The Financial Aspect

Money doesn’t grow on trees, so you need to know whether a particular centre is sustainable for you financially. You don’t want to overcommit and put your child through the upheaval of moving to a new centre if it becomes unfeasible. When you set your budget, be realistic about the percentage of income you can afford to dedicate to childcare. Don’t be afraid to compare centres to each other before you make a decision.

Making The Right Choice

As a parent, you will have a gut feeling when you walk into a facility. Does it look clean? Do you feel at ease, get a good vibe from the people, and is there a wide variety of toys and activities available? You want regular feedback on your child’s progress, a happy and safe environment, and a team of child care providers that build positive relationships with children and parents. Don’t be afraid to search until you find it. Always make an appointment to tour the facility before you make your final decision, and you can tour several before you settle on one.

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