What Is Soft Play?


Soft play areas are covered in soft foam mats which provide a safe environment for children to play in. They are usually brightly coloured, which helps to stimulate the senses of young children, and they often have large slides and climbing frames so that children can climb up and tumble down safely.

There are two main types of soft play; indoor and outdoor. Indoor soft play is great for parties or if you want to set up a space in your home where your children can go off and have fun together. Outdoor soft play is more suited to outdoor events like birthday parties or summer fetes as it requires more space than indoor ones do.

Soft play hire from have a bounce is a great way to entertain the kids on a budget. It’s also a great way to keep them busy while you’re working. Soft play hire is available here at GoPlaySoftplay.co.uk, and we’ve got some tips for you if you’re considering hiring soft play for your child’s birthday party or other event.

What are the benefits of soft play hire?

There are plenty of benefits to soft play hire, including:

It’s cheap – compared with hiring an inflatable castle or other inflatable fun equipment, soft play is cheap! If you’re on a tight budget but want something more exciting than traditional children’s party games and activities, then soft play might be just what you need

It’s easy to set up – when you hire soft play, it comes ready-made and doesn’t need any assembly or inflating beforehand. All you’ll need to do is make sure it’s safe where it’s going to go (you don’t want anything coming loose and injuring anyone), and that there’s enough room for everyone who wants to use it at once (if there isn’t enough room around it, then people will get pushed out by others).

Soft play hire is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with many families choosing to make it a regular part of their social calendar.

Soft play centres are great for children of all ages, and there are a number of things that you should consider before hiring one. Here’s what you need to know about soft play hire:

  1. It’s not just for kids!
  2. Soft play hire centres come in all shapes and sizes
  3. Soft play centres can be used for more than just parties
  4. You shouldn’t underestimate safety as an important factor when choosing a soft play centre
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