Why You Should Date Your Wife Again


Between feedings, bedtime stories, diaper changes, and everything in between who has time for the husband and wife thing. You dated, you fell in love, got married and now you have children, is this the end of the love between husband and wife? Does it sometimes feel like you two had more fun when you were both single and dating? In of all of the dates that you two shared you had the most fun together and really got to know one another. According to an article on Marie Claire, no one really likes to make dinner reservations especially when you are not sure if you can make them or not. Instead of dinner why not consider visiting some wineries or how about renting some bikes and going for a ride together? Other suggestions include visiting a local hunted house or going to an outdoor public pool after hours once all the little kids have gone away. If you are searching for bigger thrills, Style Caster suggests you go to an amusement park, horseback riding, paint balling, making martinis together or seeing a show or a concert. Just because you and your wife have finally tied the knot and have kids does not mean that you still can’t date one another.

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